Movement Types

Manual or Automatic

Manual or Automatic movements use a mainspring for power. Automatic watches were often
referred to as self-winding watches because the motion of the wrist causes of a rotating weight
to assist in winding the mainspring. Automatic watches can also be manually wound.


Quartz movements are powered by electricity in the form of a battery. The movements are
constructed to display time in either a digital (LCD or LED) or analog method (hands). Analog
quartz movements use a combination of electronic and mechanical components.

Kinetic or Auto-quartz

Kinetic or Auto-quartz watch movements are hybrids of both the quartz and automatic types.
The rotation of the oscillating weight generates an electric charge that is stored in a capacitor,
similar to a rechargeable battery. If left motionless, the stored energy will dissipated over time.
A capacitor can be recharged by either renewed motion or induction.

Solar watches

Solar watches convert light into electric energy that is stored in a capacitor. The electric energy
powers the watch movement. When left in darkness for an extended period, the energy will